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Slow Travel Experience

"Le concept" Slow "a commencé avec le concept" Slow food ", lancé en Italie en 1989. Il consiste à utiliser des produits sains, locaux et de qualité, et à prendre le temps de les goûter. Une manière logique, à notre mode de vie: vivre à un rythme tranquille et sans hâte et sans regarder l’heure constamment.

“Slow Travel” is also possible. It is an alternative for those who do not want to change their holidays in a race out of control from one outstanding and interesting point to another of the travel guide, without really getting to know the place well or without any time of relax.

Ofelias Hotel stops the time for you. It is time to relax and be filled with good energies in an ideal environment with a selection of activities carefully thought for that.

Join the Slow concept together with us… Let yourself go…

Slow Travel, Good Life